"From those who have received much,  much will be required." (Luke 12:48)
"The Synod Fathers recalled the norms given by the Second Vatican Council, which recognize that the Eastern Churches 'have the right and the duty to govern themselves according to their own particular discipline', given the mission they have of bearing witness to an ancient doctrinal, liturgical and monastic tradition.

Moreover, these Churches have a duty to maintain their own disciplines, since these 'corresponded better to the customs of their faithful and are judged to be better suited to provide for the good of souls'. The universal Church needs a synergy between the particular Churches of East and West so that she may breathe with her two lungs, in the hope of one day doing so in perfect communion between the Catholic Church and the separated Eastern Churches. Therefore, we cannot but rejoice that the Eastern Churches have in recent times taken root in America...."
Pope John Paul II

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